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Welcome to Laennec Medical Center

We are a Centre for General Medicine, attached to the Academic Centre for General Medicine of the UCLouvain, which aims to provide our patients with the best possible support for their health. Our medical consultations are only by appointment.

Our services
Preventive Medicine 

At the CML, we believe that the best way to treat disease is to prevent it. In this context, we work with our patients to put in place the elements that will improve their holistic health.

Polypathology Coordination for Patients 

In some cases, many specialists follow your condition. It isn't always easy to find your way around. Your general practitioner can also help you coordinate your healthcare.

Pediatric Follow-up

Preventive care is one of the main priorities of pediatrics, through early detection of neonatal or genetic diseases, developmental, growth or pubertal delays, vaccination, education in nutritional health or accident prevention.
In addition, we treat all common childhood diseases.

Service for Society

Due to its university roots, the CML also provides quality training for the future caregivers by welcoming interns and doctors in training.


Laboratory testing and samples

Our partner for your medical laboratory tests and samples is available via the link below City-labs

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